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Dream Castle Design is active in the field of interior decoration and exterior of the building; performing wood-based, plaster and other types of interior building materials is one of its main activities. Designing the first and essential part of the Dream Castle design team is a key part of the success of this collection, always adhering to the technical and engineering principles along with customer tastes as well as paying attention to modernity.
The exterior of the building is another specialty of this group; of course, it does not require the delicacy of the interior but requires its special sensitivity.

Interior and exterior decoration of the building



A good and ideal design is an essential part of a manufacturing, remodeling, or alteration operation, without which it would not be possible.


After the design phase, and with the start of the implementation phase, the process of project supervision begins; supervision in this set encompasses a broader concept, including material monitoring, execution, workers, and so on.


Implementation The longest and most complex phase of a construction project, whether in construction or reconstruction, requires the presence of experienced, trained and experienced engineers and workforce.


Rebuilding has its own limitations in the execution and design of decoration and building facades we have always strived to make the most of the constraints.


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Completed projects

By defining a project in Dream Castle Design Group from the beginning of the project, a supervising engineer and a professional designer are always present and managing the project at all stages of the project. Project implementation may take more than a year.
Given the sensitivities involved in designing and executing a project start-up, it has always tried to utilize the best raw materials in projects, but customer-payable costs are another factor that will be important in the project, so we will interact with the client.

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