About US

The Dream Castle Design Collection was founded about a decade ago by Engineer KASRA KAMALI TAFRESHI to continue the design and execution of  the collection with considerable order; during these years, the perfectionist was the chief designer of  the collection and was always in charge of  the collection.
The core services of  this collection include design, implementation and reconstruction; each of these activities is self-explanatory, but of course design and execution will demonstrate good excellence between us and others when presented together.

Dream  Castle  Design Team

Dream Castle Design is active in the field of interior decoration and exterior of the building; performing wood-based, plaster and other types of interior building materials is one of its main activities. Designing the first and essential part of the Dream Castle design team is a key part of the success of this collection, always adhering to the technical and engineering principles along with customer tastes as well as paying attention to modernity.
The exterior of the building is another specialty of this group; of course, it does not require the delicacy of interior work but requires its special sensitivity.

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